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A Tout le Monde

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Kiko Loureiro actually stole the show last night. Watched him live at Hammersonic Fest as Megadeth stormed the Sonic stage was an ecstatic experience. Maybe, in my opinion, Kiko is the best Dave Mustaine has ever had since Marty Friedman left the band in circa 1999/2000. When Dave always wanted his lead guitarist is a great guitar player, Kiko proved himself as a monster. I believe Kiko is the reason behind why Megadeth in their almost 40 yrs existence still can produce such a metal fantastic, Dystopia album.

It was 11.18 pm when prince of darkness-intro was played and then ‘Hangar 18’ started the concert. But not until ‘In My Darkest Hour’ the sounds was better to hear for and ‘Tornado of Soul’ which get really made the rather quiet crowds went wild. And then the rest was felt euphoric.

It’s a fortunate momentum for me and us– Megadeth fans- in this country that the band 2017 world tour has come around with an 1,5-hour of great setlist. The classics perfectly blend with Dystopia’s cuts. The single ‘Dystopia’ also played with a brief from Dave about the Grammy-winning metal song.

I sang along ‘A Tout le Monde’; ‘In my Darkest Hour’; ‘Sweating Bullets’; ‘Peace Sells’ (+ Vic Rattlehead on stage); or the magnum opus ‘Holy Wars’ while enjoying Dave performed his signature riffs, then intensly engaged with Kiko’s playing. Thanks to ‘Conquer or Die!’ so I can also witnessed how Kiko played the classical-metal instrumental started with a classic guitar intro in front of the stage.

Credit also for Dave Ellefson’s solid performance and last but not least, Dirk Verbeuren. Dave Mustaine always pushed Magadeth’s drummer has a great ‘meter’ since day one and Dirk, ex-Soilwork, is the backbone behind the drum kit. Dirk’s playing was so fastened tight. After the show, I bought a quite pricey official Megadeth tee for the sake of kenang-kenangan. Thank you Hammersonic for yet another worth-to-watch show and especially for the ‘Pawang Hujan’ for deliberately avoiding the Ecopark from the rain. \m/


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May 8, 2017 at 22:46

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Kata (Bisa) Romantis [Vol.5]

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tiarap logika lamunan senja
tiada katamu cuma senyum-senyum
mesti hatiku berbunga-bunga
meski kadang cukup sekuntum
kasih menunggu sampai bosan
rasa dikubur liang dalam
cangkang hati kau pijah pecah
tapi nanti entah kapan
senyum itu sengat
bisa sembur racun
kata bilang cinta
mati kekal bahagia
kenangan ku sesal
tiada musnah
kekal sekarat
ingatan kau jejal
hati patah
ratap kesumat
tidakkah penolakan menakutkan
rasa tak dibunuh cuma disimpan
meski hatimu berhias pelantang
ingkarmu tersesat dalam malam rindukan siang
awalnya kau tiup gelembung egonya
lalu tikam pecah rindu membuncah
rasa itu layu kembang sejenak
tersisa sepetik kenangan pada akhirnya
tiap senja rindu memicu pilu
terpisah ruang waktu hati bersujud
meski kadang doa-doa tak berguna
sesal bertemu sebentar di panggung sandiwara
kata sederhana makna luhung
ramuan semerbak bisa romantis
cuma untukmu demi rasa bersambung
pada sore jelang hujan mengejar gerimis
bintang sekarat jadi lubang hitam
telan habis angkuh sinaran
ingkari apalah arti menunggu
jiwa terpasung rasa sungguh terlalu
dengan menyebut nama kelana asmara
suatu masa kita kan bercinta
betapa sengitnya sampai cipta
mimpi buah hati tumbuh di taman rahimmu
dialah penyintas jebakan belenggu
kisah kasih sayang abadi nan usang

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June 9, 2016 at 01:35


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World famous band with a geek who-gets-girls-looks vocalist, Radiohead dropped a new video last night on Twitter. The cool thing is that music video directed by one of the coolest 90s gen-x movie makers Paul Thomas Anderson resulting a cool ‘7mins short’. PTA than sent one 35mm copy of  Daydreaming to be screened at New Beverly Cinema this weekend. How cool the sequence is. I look forward to downloading/listening the new album on Monday.

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May 7, 2016 at 23:13

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langit muram, kau pun tahu
angin menyapu musim, gerimis melintas
pada senja selintas, aku tak tahu
masihkah kutemu malamku
kamu adalah mimpi itu, siapa tahu
dalam jejak senyap semalam
menatap hujan,
tiada bertanya sedu atau sedan

(senja dan sajak cinta, sga)

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April 28, 2016 at 23:53

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Michael Kiwanuka

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I’ve started listening to Michael Kiwanuka’s songs when asked mbak-mbak at the Aquarius Mahakam cashier circa 2012 after overhearing one of his played inside store. “Mbak, ini lagu siapa ya?” Then I bought Home Again and the Bill Withers-esque voice haunted me days-weeks later since then.

Regardless of Home Again is only a debut,  it contains masterpieces reviving the 70s vintage soul music. I bet my favs, ‘Tell Me A Tell’, ‘I’ll Get Along’, and the ultimate galau song, ‘Always Waiting’ will be in the category of soulful classics sometime in the future.

Kiwanuka returned yesterday with his new video ‘Black Man In A White World’. The pretty upbeat music launched as a tease of Home Again follow-up, Love and Hate which will be released soon. Need to be pre-ordered. Such a God-gifted talent.**

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March 30, 2016 at 21:13

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2016 Oscars

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I always root the underdog so by that means, glad to know that Mark Rylance won this year Oscar for Best Supporting Actor category. Considering the fact that many critics wanted Sylvester Stallone hands aloft the statue and Acedemy traditionally embraced the revival of veteran actors, Rylance winning is like a punch in the Rocky’s face. Regardless ‘Creed’ hasn’t been screened in here (yet?), Rylance performance in ‘Bridge of Spies’ compared with other nominees (Bale, Ruffalo, Hardy) for me, is the most cryptically compelling among the big names. Enigmatic act.

‘Mad Max; Fury Road’ dominated with six trophies except for the categories it really deserved (Best Director, Best Picture). I’ve blogged before, this is not the kind of movie that conservative voters would fancy though George Miller proved that Hollywood still can make an exceptional reboot.

Just as Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu received back to back Oscar for Best Director, his amigo, Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki won Best Cinematography category for three consecutive years. Seriously, Chivo? How could you have done that? I must write about your work anytime soon.

Ennio Morricone on his Oscar 2016 touching remark, thanked Quentin Tarantino for choosing him. Such a lucky bastard Tarantino having such a humble 87-year-old maestro whom he willing to write scores for ‘the Hateful Eight’. Just listen to the eerily L’ultima diligenza di Red Rock then we can grasp how Ennio’s music successfully build the momentum that suggests the violent will come during stagecoach moving through the blizzard landscape. Magical.

For Leo DiCaprio, it’s about time. As some people said you were boring (before ‘the Revenant’) *not agreed*, you kept trying hard and were patient then finally it’s worth the wait. I used to think that you should’ve won Oscar through ‘the Aviator’ or ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ yet the competition for Best Leading Actor category was so tight back then. Now I’m in the middle of reading Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City novel and really looking forward to watching H.H. Holmes character in Martin Scorcese-directing adaptation movie. **

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February 29, 2016 at 19:33

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The Hateful Eight (and A Half)

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The name of the game here is patience.”

hateful8That Jody Domingre’s line summarized my expierince of waiting and watching the 8th Quentin Tarantino movie, ‘the Hateful Eight’. I’ve been patient long enough not to tempt over Hive-CM8’s leak. And by the time I almost reserved Golden Village (Bishan) ticket, Cinema 21 suddenly released midnight show schedules last weekend. Despite the fact that this movie has been shot and presented in 70 mm format in the west country, I can only enjoyed it in digital multiplex. For the ‘wide presentation’ reason then I chose one of the biggest screens in Jakarta.

After the script leaked in early 2014 and followed by a live reading at somewhere theater in LA, fans became fully aware that ‘the Hateful Eight’ is a something different piece from QT. I’ve guessed it’s a stage play rather than cinematic screenplay. And for a fan like me who got used to enjoy the long continuation set of theatrical work (i.e., Teater Koma), ‘the Hateful Eight’ is a play heaven. QT serves his unique dialogue-driven scenes in three not-so-bloody hours+ duration. Worth the wait.

The plot is easily understood as eight strangers who stranded in a severe snowstorm some time after the American Civil War finally met their doom in Minnie’s Haberdashery. That simple story then isolated in six chapters with a non-linear storyline structure which is QT’s signature. The stories gone deeper and more intricate chapter by chapter as every character explained their damn good reasons of why they were there in the blizzard. Be patient; drink your coke and eat the popcorn.

The Chapter four; Domergue’s Secret is a pivot point for the whole story started by Tarantino doing voiceover narration. “Let’s go back a bit. Fifteen minutes ago”said QT. Yet I felt instead the way of narrator guiding the audiences with clues bothered the tension that has been built up inside Minnie’s. The clues are too obvious to answer the mysteries, apart from the Abraham Lincoln Letter story whether it’s fake or true. When Tarantino’s narration comes on, the movie starts moving toward to its gory end. “Ole Mary Todd’s callin’..”

Credits for main actors who most of them are QT all-star casts (Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russel). QT once again successfully ensembled the right kind of tounges who can exactly pull off his complex-precise dialogues. The Tarantino’s (forever) leading man, Samuel L. Jackson unfortunetaly snubbed just as twitter trends #OscarsSoWhite (again). But my most favorite act it has to be Walton Goggins as Sheriff Chris Mannix (also snubbed). Last but not least, the Jody Domingre character that determinates the story, played well by Channing Tatum as an element of surprise therefore I’d rather call this movie as ‘the Hateful Eight (and A Half)’ *heheh*.

For movie that mostly has taken place in one interior location, the Ultrapanavision 70 mm cameras/lenses seemed redundant. Nevertheless Bob Richardson, the DoP, still can produce stunning pictures with certain  great details especially for the claustrophobic nuance inside Minnie’s. Costume, hair, and makeup department also fabricated an award-winning class work for this movie therby Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) faces looked so hideous. The music, exceptionally scores written by Ennio Morricone are haunting beauty *goosebumps*.

‘The Hateful Eight’ earned three Oscar nominations this year but missing out on Best Picture, Best Director and, perhaps most shockingly, Best Original Screenplay, a category which QT most obsessed with. I’m pretty sure he must be upset about having this omission. But Quentin, you are unarguably one of the greatest writers/directors and already a legend, so please stop thinking the necessity of winning many awards. As Woody Allen – the notorious for ignoring his Oscar invite every year – said, “The whole concept of awards is silly.” **

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January 21, 2016 at 19:01